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Hello again kids. I know it's shortly before 11:00 AM when this gets posted, but since I stayed up until 2:00 AM mixing it down to have it ready today, please forgive me if there's not an overwhelmingly hilarious intro before the links. It turns out I'm not very funny when I feel like an extra on The Walking Dead.

Anyway, this week Kyle and I wax Dawg Poetic about why we hate Auburn (and it turns out that we really do hate them a lot), why you should never believe anything after hearing the words "Hi, I'm Kirk Herbstreit.", and why does it seem like Kit isn't talking that much in this episode?

Well, the reason for the last one is simple. I had some audio issues that popped up in the segment with Kyle and they pretty much kept me working tirelessly trying to get this thing posted in time. You'll hear some echo towards the middle of the segment, but it's only on my end. You'll probably also hear me clicking my mouse some, but I muted the part where I threw my computer against the wall. I'm only half kidding.

So, I apologize for any audio issues, but don't let that take away from anything Kyle said. He was killing it this week and when the man says he hates Auburn, trust me, he means it. 

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Hello again, kids. Are you confused by the title of the podcast for this week? Is that any different than any other time I post the title of the podcast? Much like the previous episodes, once you listen, it'll all make sense.

This week's podcast has Kyle and I waxing Dawg Poetic about the win against the Gators, our flat giddiness watching the Dawgs' defense, and why Mike Bobo is and isn't the devil at the same time. We really did try to keep the conversation short, but when examining each aspect of this year's team, no conversation is ever cut and dry.

Finally, before I give you the links to this week's offering, I want to thank you guys for the rave reviews we got about last week's show, aka the Dawg Sports Roundtable. Not only did it set the new record for the most downloaded episode, but you guys went out of your way to tell me how much you loved it, which means a lot. No seriously, it means a bunch so you can stop doing that "hand wanking" motion as you read this. This is why we can't have nice things.

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Hello again kids! When I started this podcast last year, I always wanted to get some of the greatest minds together to talk Dawg football. Since then, I've been able to get some great guests, but only one at a time. This time, that's all changed.

Nearly every staff member of Dawg Sports was able to join me on conference call to talk this weekend's contest in Jacksonville. That's right, there's a double-digit worth of Dawg Pontificators on this call and they all chime in on everything from "Will John Brantley play?" to "Why do we hate Florida so very much?"

What's particularly impressive about this episode is its content. EVERYONE brings their "A" game and I implore you to really listen intently to their responses to my questions. It's truly great stuff and I wouldn't lie to you, buttercup.

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Hello again kids. Are you confused by the title of today's post? Listen to the show and it will (kind of) make sense.

Sorry for the podcast being a day late, but I had the opportunity to have the great Rex Robinson on with us this week in a bonus segment, and couldn't get to it until Tuesday. However, I think the wait will be totally worth it once you hear the show.

This week, I have the aforementioned Rex Robinson on to talk about what could possibly be going on in the UGA locker room as they experience success after the dreadful 2010 season, the Curious Case of Blair Walsh, and how special teams is a lot like golf.

Then, we have a special Public Service Announcement from Todd Grantham, and you'd better listen to what he says. No, seriously. I don't think he's kidding.

In the final segment, Kyle rejoins us after a week off and proves that Nyquil can't hold him down as we wax Dawg Poetic about the win against Vanderbilt, why Mark Fox shouldn't fight Kevin Stallings no matter how much we'd enjoy it, and what exactly is Zombie Dennis Hopper doing in Vanderbilt's gym?

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Hello again kids. The Dawgs got a HUGE win this weekend against the Tennessee Volunteers and although everyone would've liked to have seen an old-school blowout, a win is a win, and this one was important.

This week, we give Kyle the night off and Good Luck Chuck, aka tankertoad, steps in and knocks it out of the park. I really think you guys will enjoy this episode as we wax Dawg Poetic on everything from breaking down the Tennessee game, how far along Malcom Mitchell is as a playmaking WR, why the referees hate us so very much, and why Vandy is still Vandy.

I think you guys are going to love this episode, and, as you'll hear from me in the intro, the gauntlet has been thrown to the "other" podcast out there, who claims to be "twice as good" as any other Dawg podcast on the airwaves. 

Your move, sirs.

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Hello again kids. After beating Mississippi State this past weekend, the Dawgs turn their focus to Tennessee, getting the offense back on track after halftime, and finding a way to handle prosperity by doing anything that doesn't involve driving a car in Jackson County. What must it have been like? Well, I picture this when I think about it (yes, even in Spanish).

Kyle and I wax Dawg Poetic about all of the above, including John Brantley's "high ankle sprain" injury and how we're scared to death of the upcoming Bionic John Brantley. Trust me, it'll make more sense when you listen.

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Hello again kids! The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 26 is uploaded and even though it doesn't sound like it, we really do love Mike Bobo and his 3rd Down antics.

No, in all seriousness, Kyle and I wax Dawg Poetic this week about the one truly maddening thing about Georgia football for the past three years: WE KNOW HOW GREAT THIS TEAM CAN BE. It may sound like Kyle and I are hammering Bobo and company, but the truth is, when this team and its coaching staff is great, it can seem almost unbeatable. This weekend was not that kind of weekend from a play calling standpoint. However, from an execution standpoint, we are both pretty pleased.

Also, we talk a little bit about what we here at Dawg Sports have planned for Larry Munson's 89th Birthday on Wednesday, so please listen out at the end of the episode for that. Remember, we want you to help us make it a good one for the Georgia Legend, so be sure to drop by the site on Wednesday, September 28th and join in the fun.

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Hello again kids. In keeping tradition with the classiness of this podcast (/sarcasm) I had to have some reference in there to the Coach of Giggity himself, Houston Nutt. You're welcome.

This week, The Mayor returns and we wax Dawg Poetic about everything from why UGA fans should be pleased but not overjoyed with the win on Saturday, to why Kyle thinks it might actually help the Classic City Canines to struggle some with the Rebel Black Bears this weekend. 

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Hello again, kids. Yes, we lost the game last week. No, we still don't have a single win in the 2011 season. It's at times like these we need two things: 

1) We need to play a team like the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers.

2) We need more Dawgs.

Sure, that's the coach of Coastal Carolina talking about his team, but isn't it all the same? Whether we're talking about healthy Middle Linebackers, or the belief that UGA is still UGA, we could all use a few more Dawgs nowadays. 

So to help with finding more Dawgs, we gave Kyle a small break and enlisted the help of another Dawg Sports author, tankertoad, who waxes Dawg Poetic with me about hope, what it takes to get a win around here and how the Beatles and this team need to have more of "it."

Trust me, it'll make sense when you listen.

We Need More Dawgs.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Hello again kids. Yes, Saturday may have seemed like a bad dream, but it's still real to us. We'd like to think that the offseason garnered more results than what we saw on Saturday, but at this moment, things are looking promising.

So that's the focus of this week's podcast. Kyle and I dig deep to look at the bigger picture of what we wrong on Saturday. Yes, we talk some X's and O's, but it's the men behind the curtain who are the main focus because if this ship is ever going to get righted, they're going to be the ones to do it. We do talk about the South Carolina game some as well, so if you're looking forward to this weekend, we're there to pour some reality on you. 

But hey, there's still 11 games left to go, South Carolina is not unbeatable and there's not a problem on this team that isn't fixable, right? Right?!?

Show time is just a hair under an hour so for those of you who live in Alpharetta and work in downtown Atlanta, it's long enough for half of your morning commute.

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