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There are a lot of awesome things about blogging, podcasting, and tweeting. We all get to interact with you guys, have worthwhile (and sometimes ridiculous) discussions, and generally have a good time. Then, you get the crap beaten out of you by South Carolina, and the last thing you want to do is talk about it, much less dissect it.

However, that's what Kyle and I do. We fight the good fight of waxing Dawg Poetic so you don't have to. In this week's episode, we look at the nuclear fallout from the South Carolina game, and it's not pretty. In other news, we do discuss how tears really add that extra personal touch to your Gordo's Cheese Dip

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Hello again kids! The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 51 Presented by Gordo's Cheese Dip is ready, and there's no time for clever quips. This is the biggest game of the season for the Dawgs, and it's time to decide who's the good team, and who's the great one.

I wish I had something for you that was humorous, engaging, light-hearted, and uplifting. I really do wish that for you. However, with College Gameday rolling into town, it's to the point where "ish has gotten real" and there's really no sense in fighting the current. In fact, it's a rip tide. Just swim parallel to the shore until it finally lets you go.

This week, Kyle is back and he and I wax Dawg Poetic on everything from the defense against Tennessee to whether or not the Dawgs should be more scared of Marcus Lattimore or...Connor Shaw? Statistics also make a return, and you can almost hear the hope being sucked out of Kyle. He was told there would be no math. Click below to get all the details. 

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Chuck steps in for Kyle this week and I really do think you're going to enjoy this conversation. We wax Dawg Poetic on everything from the Vandy whipping to the Tennessee game, and all the fun stuff in between. The one thing we never spoke about? Derek Dooley. How that didn't happen, I honestly have no idea. I will say this, though. If you like statistics, man is this the show for you. This show is what happens when you have WAY too much fun with the media guide.

Seriously, though, this is a great show and worth the download. As always, remember to visit our fine sponsor, Gordo's Cheese Dip at their homepageFacebook, and Twitter.

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Hello again, kids! This week, we welcome in The Dawg Gone Podcast Presented by Gordo's Cheese Dip, bring you a new intro, and I spend most of the episode fighting the never-ending need to cough up a lung. 

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In other news, Kyle and I wax Dawg Poetic about FAU, the upcoming game against Vanderbilt, and how Todd Grantham is going to treat this game like a bowl of potato soup. Confused? Good.

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Hello again, kids! We're playing FAU this week, so Kyle and I spend a majority of our time completely ignoring that game and OMG DID YOU SEE JARVIS JONES??!!??

So yeah, that takes up the majority of our chat this week, but we do break down the Missouri game into the things we're excited about (JARVIS JONES!) and the things that could use a little fixing. It's a little bit of a shorter show this week for you because, again, we're playing FAU on Saturday. If Howard Schnellenberger were still coaching, that's a segment in and of itself. However, FAU's coach is now Carl Pelini (presented for you without comment).

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Hello again, kids! Just when you couldn't believe that we'd give you two shows in two weeks, here we go, exceeding expectations. That's just what we do around here...most of the time.

This week, myself, Kyle and a bonus Chuck (aka chuckdawg) are waxing Dawg Poetic in an effort to bring some idea of just how big this game against Missouri can be. Personally, I find the conversation to be incredibly refreshing with a very "front porch football" tone to it. It's just three guys, talking football, and two of them happen to be much smarter than I. 

Oh, and the title? I keep it vague like that on purpose. If you haven't figured that out by now, then...well, that's just what I do. Welcome to the party. You'll have to listen to the show to figure it out. 

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Hello again kids! As of this posting, we are a mere 27'ish hours away from the first kickoff of the 2012 College Football Season. There is absolutely nothing I could add to make that statement more exciting. Actually, if I would've said "we are a mere 27'ish minutes away from UGA's first game of the 2012 College Football Season," it probably would've garnered a little bit more of an emotional response. 

Anyway, I digress. In the spirit of keeping you as well-informed as possible, we've invited back Brett Bawcum, who you may remember as the Assistant Director of Bands at the University of Georgia. He also happens to be one of the finest Redcoats in the history of the word. He walks us through some of the changes you'll see this year from the Redcoat Band in Pregame, as well as what the halftime shows will look like this year. Trust me, you'll want to hear this conversation, because for those of you who love Damn Good Dawgs, this conversation features one of them and it ain't me. By the way, you can follow The Redcoat Band on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

Then, T. Kyle King and I wax Dawg Poetic about what we want to see, expect to see, and hope we don't see against Buffalo this weekend. There are no words to describe how great it feels to be discussing UGA football as it relates to real, actual games, instead of scrimmages and G-day. 

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Hello again kids! I'm glad to bring you this DOUBLE FEATURE EDITION of The DGP (the slang of "DGP" makes it more cool with the kids).

This week, I'm joined by Chuck (aka Chuckdawg) as well as T. Kyle King (aka The'll make more sense in the episode) and we wax Dawg Poetic about Penn State's sanctions and have a lengthy discussion about UGA Men's Basketball. I'm not sure if you know this, but the DEADLINE TO DONATE IS AUGUST 1ST AND YOU SHOULD DO IT NOW BECAUSE MEN'S BASKETBALL MARK FOX LOVES FOOTBALL AND HERE'S A LINK. 

Also, there's some housekeeping stuff at the beginning talking about some changes upcoming to the podcast. Nothing is set in stone yet, but how would you guys feel about taking this show to the "next level?"

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Note: I completely forgot to do this, so I'll definitely plug it on the next show, but the Goat Roast has been scheduled for October 22. Mark your calendars. No goat is safe. 

Hello again kids. We've had quite the nice layoff while the news was slow. "Was" being the key word there.

However, with Isaiah Crowell's dismissal, it gave us a chance to talk about something that no one is comfortable saying, but everyone knows is true. This episode, Kyle and I wax Dawg Poetic about something that hits close to home. Are we, as a fan base, enabling the "entitled athlete" mentality that has brought down some of UGA's most promising players?

No, we don't cause a kid to jaywalk, forget his turn signal, or drive a scooter down an alley that ultimately leads to a ridiculous arrest for which most of us normal folks would just receive a citation. There is a growing concern though, that while our intentions are pure, is our fandom creating a culture and mentality that "Big Team, little me" is dead? 

Personally, I'm proud of this episode. I can tell you that it's not the smoothest production I've ever done while mixing it down, but the content is killer. No other sites are talking about this. Why? Because they need the fandom. It drives message board posts and article hits. It drives revenue. UGA has three paid subscription sites, uncountable blogs, multiple podcasts, hordes of Twitter users, and the print journalists come in droves. Let's face it, we're plugged in and for the first time I've seen anywhere, Kyle and I talk about whether or not that's really a good thing.

I will say that I expect this episode to come under some intense scrutiny. I expect to lose listeners over it and I expect to get some hate mail regarding it. All that said, I'm glad this episode exists. I'm glad we had the guts to ask the question. 

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Hello again, kids! If you want hard-hitting journalism, then prepare yourself to be unfulfilled. If you want two awesome segments that cover 1) charity for the fight against cancer and 2) why Buzz Bissinger is a grade-A douchebag, then you've come to the right place.

This week, I get to wax Dawg poetic with Shaun Golden, former UGA Basketball player and co-founder of NeverNX. NeverNX is a sportswear apparel company that just so happens to be hosting a charity golf tournament on June 16 to benefit the Dr. Alec Kessler Memorial Foundation, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and the fund for Kasyn Olivadotti. Many former UGA greats in football and basketball will be participating, so be sure to click the link and help support them any way you can.

Also on the docket, The Mayor and I completely put to rest the ridiculous notion that college football should be banned. Granted, the whole debate was hypothetical in nature, but in the grand scheme of things, this is an Armageddon type of scenario and if I'm looking for someone to stay on that meteor and push the button to save Earth, Jason Whitlock is not that man. Confused? Listen to the show and it'll all be clear.

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