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Anyway, hello again, kids! It's good to see you again, even though we both wish this were under better circumstances. It turns out that Missouri was, in fact, for real, and our Defense was not. Granted, I think we all saw this coming sooner or later, but it hurt worse than I think we all anticipated.

Due to some time constraints on my week (hint: work), I had to go solo with this edition. So, you'll get a short show* and one that finishes with a Kanye West Munson Mix**. I wax Dawg Poetic about the Missouri game, the missing Defense, and why there's still hope for a great season (another hint: rivalries matter, folks).

*Crowd Erupts with Cheer


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Hello again, kids! This week, everything sucks. Sure, it's nice to come out of Tennessee with a victory, but at what cost? Regardless of how absurd the turf is up in Neyland, and how ashamed UT fans should be because of it, the trip on Saturday showed us a lot more than what happens when this team faces adversity. It showed what happens when this team faces calamity.

So, to digest all this and help me understand why I'm so angry, we brought Chuck aka Chuckdawg on the podcast this week to wax Dawg Poetic about heart, grit, and optimism. Granted, we get a little pessimistic here and there, but I do think you'll enjoy the conversation and especially how we feel (and mainly how Chuck feels) about our game against Missouri on Saturday.

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Hello, kids! Yes, I was wrong when I predicted that Georgia would lose to LSU 38-31. You can call it a case of the "Munson's" or you can say I'm just flat-out faithless, but I can assure you that I couldn't be happier about it. After the Dawgs won an instant classic 44-41, I don't think anyone in the Bulldog Nation is concerned with holding my pessimistic prediction against me. 

To celebrate, I brought Macondawg on the show this week and we waxed Dawg Poetic about how big the LSU win was, how important the Tennessee game is, and why the future looks very bright if a win in Knoxville comes to pass. 

Oh yeah, and you get a new "Munson Mix" (even though it's all Scott Howard's calls from the LSU game) as promised. 

One last thing: please forgive the audio quality of the segment with me and Macondawg. We're living and learning right now with new recording methods. I like the simplicity of the way I was able to record it, but I'm going to tinker with it and see if I can find a better end result in the sound. Stick with us. We're almost there.

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Hello again, kids! You remember last week when I said that I was only going to have one solo show after the unintended hiatus? Well, I was wrong. 

After a small technical snafu that I *hope* to have corrected in the near future, you're getting another solo effort this week before what could arguably be the biggest game of the year. Never fear, though. The show has a lot of Ludakit, but also has some great nuggets that will make you feel as pessimistic about Saturday as I do.

Yes, I said pessimistic. Some could say it feels downright "Munson-esque." This week, I wax Dawg Poetic about why we're not only trying to beat LSU, who is 16-12-1 against UGA all time, but also trying to create some history, as we've never beaten two top ten teams in Sanford in the history of UGA football. You know, as in EVER.

However, I could be wrong. Remember, I'm the guy that wasn't going to do a solo show two weeks in a row...

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Before I begin, another special thank you to 1 Beer 1 Song, who so graciously offered their space to me before the season began. Those guys are awesome. Check them out.

Hello again, kids! It's great to have a podcast to once again post up. After quite the delay in recovering some items taken from me in my recent burglary, I've finally got enough equipment back to put out a very, very rusty podcast. SPOILER ALERT: You can tell that I'm certainly not in game shape. 

Unfortunately, I had to fly solo this week because of some changes to the MacBook line, and I currently have no way to receive audio input in the method that I was using previously. So, no Chuck or Macondawg this week, but I can assure you that the necessary steps will be taken to correct it.

What you get in return is a very rusty, and quite short episode, which is probably something you guys want anyway, since after all, we're playing North Texas this week. I wax Dawg Poetic about what we need to do to win, what I've noticed in the three weeks of the Georgia Football Season (albeit only two of those weeks have had games), and how nicely the schedule sets up for us after these next three games.

Pardon my rust and rambling, but I will say that it's nice to be back.

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Not very many folks are lucky enough to have friends ready to keep the party going once someone crashes it by stealing all your podcasting equipment. However, I'm one of those folks. 

So, when the great guys at 1 Beer 1 Song invited me to come over and create a joint podcast and rename it 1 Beer 1 Dawg, we basically killed two awesome birds with one Stone IPA. Ok, the beer puns will stop here, I promise.

Seriously, big props to Russ and Tony at 1 Beer 1 Song who were very kind to offer their podcasting real estate so that you, our loyal listeners, can still get your fix, in a much different but awesome way. Note, there's a little more language than in previous shows, but it's nothing that people can't handle. You just might not want to listen to it within earshot of four year olds that repeat everything.

For those wondering, Russ, Tony, and myself wax Dawg Poetic about Clemson, South Carolina, the Redcoat Band, and still have time to review two beers. Which beers? Terrapin Recreation Ale and Saison-Ale by Westbrook Brewing Company

If I can have a human moment, I have to go out of my way to mention how incredibly gracious and heartwarming it was to have my friends, but also my peers, reach out to me so that The Dawg Gone Podcast wouldn't be delayed by the actions of a/some ridiculously bad person(s). It is such a testament to the kinds of people those gentlemen are, so please subscribe to their podcast and show them some love at their site. They deserve it. 

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Good 'morrow! The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 66 gets right back down to business with T. Kyle King as we landed the exclusive first interview with The Mayor before he begins his media blitz for his new book, "Fighting Like Cats and Dogs." 

So what do we discuss? Well, we cover the book, of course, but we also take the time to discuss the ins and outs of what went into writing it, we learn some things along the way, and we get down to the real business of why Clemson is more than just "Auburn with a lake." 

You should download this episode for no other reason than you'll want to get your hands on this book when it comes out, especially with the opening game approaching. We do discuss that first game as well, since you know that I couldn't have Kyle on without at least discussing it some.

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For Show 65, Chuck and I discuss your favorite UGA sports outside of football. We cover everything from Women's Gymnastics all the way to Men's Baseball. We talk about who will be looking for work, and who will be expecting raises. 

It's not often that we do a show and never really discuss the inner workings of football, so please take the time to enjoy this "road less traveled" episode. Chuck and I wax Dawg Poetic about your favorite sports that never get the love on the podcast like they truly deserve.

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For the 64th episode, Chuck aka chuckdawg and I cover everything UGA football, from recruiting, to G-Day, to the NFL Draft.

The good news? You're getting the Show 64 at 50% off. The bad news? The other 50% is something for which you'll have to wait another week. Turns out that we had so much information to cover, that it seemed a little ridiculous to make it all one episode. 

So, enjoy this first part of The Dawg Gone Podcast, and we'll see you guys next week.

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Welcome, kids! In this episode of the Dawg Gone Podcast, we speak about recruiting things, adios King, and dying dreams. For those playing at home, that's Macondawg, T. Kyle King (in his last show), and yes, Erin Murphy.

Kyle, Macondawg, and myself take the time to wax Dawg Poetic about National Signing Day, how it's a good thing to have Todd Gratham be a wanted man, and there should be T-shirts printed with the saying "I signed with Ole Miss and all I got was this lousy stack of cash."

Seriously, it's a pretty dang good show, particularly by having Macondawg on, who just knows recruiting like the back of his hand. Plus, you get the added benefit of hearing Erin Murphy's voice for the FIRST TIME EVER.

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