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Hello, kids. Yep, we lost to Vanderbilt. We also lost to Missouri. We also are beat up beyond all recognition. You know what? I don't care. Every now and then the bigger picture is the next one you see, and right now, Florida's ugly mug is right in front of us.

For one week, all we'll hear about from the media is how beat up both teams are, and all we'll think about is beating the other up even worse. It's how this rivalry works.

This week, Chuck aka chuckdawg and I wax Dawg poetic about mental preparedness, punching teams in the mouth, and why it's important to win three in a row. I usually like to throw a joke in that sequence but I didn't have one this week. Turns out this game is no laughing matter. Oh, and to celebrate the occasion, I threw in a new Howard Mix for your listening pleasure. It won't be for everyone, but I like it, so there's that.

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Boy, that's really going to throw off the Google indexing...

Anyway, hello again, kids! It's good to see you again, even though we both wish this were under better circumstances. It turns out that Missouri was, in fact, for real, and our Defense was not. Granted, I think we all saw this coming sooner or later, but it hurt worse than I think we all anticipated.

Due to some time constraints on my week (hint: work), I had to go solo with this edition. So, you'll get a short show* and one that finishes with a Kanye West Munson Mix**. I wax Dawg Poetic about the Missouri game, the missing Defense, and why there's still hope for a great season (another hint: rivalries matter, folks).

*Crowd Erupts with Cheer


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Hello again, kids! This week, everything sucks. Sure, it's nice to come out of Tennessee with a victory, but at what cost? Regardless of how absurd the turf is up in Neyland, and how ashamed UT fans should be because of it, the trip on Saturday showed us a lot more than what happens when this team faces adversity. It showed what happens when this team faces calamity.

So, to digest all this and help me understand why I'm so angry, we brought Chuck aka Chuckdawg on the podcast this week to wax Dawg Poetic about heart, grit, and optimism. Granted, we get a little pessimistic here and there, but I do think you'll enjoy the conversation and especially how we feel (and mainly how Chuck feels) about our game against Missouri on Saturday.

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Hello, kids! Yes, I was wrong when I predicted that Georgia would lose to LSU 38-31. You can call it a case of the "Munson's" or you can say I'm just flat-out faithless, but I can assure you that I couldn't be happier about it. After the Dawgs won an instant classic 44-41, I don't think anyone in the Bulldog Nation is concerned with holding my pessimistic prediction against me. 

To celebrate, I brought Macondawg on the show this week and we waxed Dawg Poetic about how big the LSU win was, how important the Tennessee game is, and why the future looks very bright if a win in Knoxville comes to pass. 

Oh yeah, and you get a new "Munson Mix" (even though it's all Scott Howard's calls from the LSU game) as promised. 

One last thing: please forgive the audio quality of the segment with me and Macondawg. We're living and learning right now with new recording methods. I like the simplicity of the way I was able to record it, but I'm going to tinker with it and see if I can find a better end result in the sound. Stick with us. We're almost there.

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