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Hello again, kids! You remember last week when I said that I was only going to have one solo show after the unintended hiatus? Well, I was wrong. 

After a small technical snafu that I *hope* to have corrected in the near future, you're getting another solo effort this week before what could arguably be the biggest game of the year. Never fear, though. The show has a lot of Ludakit, but also has some great nuggets that will make you feel as pessimistic about Saturday as I do.

Yes, I said pessimistic. Some could say it feels downright "Munson-esque." This week, I wax Dawg Poetic about why we're not only trying to beat LSU, who is 16-12-1 against UGA all time, but also trying to create some history, as we've never beaten two top ten teams in Sanford in the history of UGA football. You know, as in EVER.

However, I could be wrong. Remember, I'm the guy that wasn't going to do a solo show two weeks in a row...

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Before I begin, another special thank you to 1 Beer 1 Song, who so graciously offered their space to me before the season began. Those guys are awesome. Check them out.

Hello again, kids! It's great to have a podcast to once again post up. After quite the delay in recovering some items taken from me in my recent burglary, I've finally got enough equipment back to put out a very, very rusty podcast. SPOILER ALERT: You can tell that I'm certainly not in game shape. 

Unfortunately, I had to fly solo this week because of some changes to the MacBook line, and I currently have no way to receive audio input in the method that I was using previously. So, no Chuck or Macondawg this week, but I can assure you that the necessary steps will be taken to correct it.

What you get in return is a very rusty, and quite short episode, which is probably something you guys want anyway, since after all, we're playing North Texas this week. I wax Dawg Poetic about what we need to do to win, what I've noticed in the three weeks of the Georgia Football Season (albeit only two of those weeks have had games), and how nicely the schedule sets up for us after these next three games.

Pardon my rust and rambling, but I will say that it's nice to be back.

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