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For Show 65, Chuck and I discuss your favorite UGA sports outside of football. We cover everything from Women's Gymnastics all the way to Men's Baseball. We talk about who will be looking for work, and who will be expecting raises. 

It's not often that we do a show and never really discuss the inner workings of football, so please take the time to enjoy this "road less traveled" episode. Chuck and I wax Dawg Poetic about your favorite sports that never get the love on the podcast like they truly deserve.

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For the 64th episode, Chuck aka chuckdawg and I cover everything UGA football, from recruiting, to G-Day, to the NFL Draft.

The good news? You're getting the Show 64 at 50% off. The bad news? The other 50% is something for which you'll have to wait another week. Turns out that we had so much information to cover, that it seemed a little ridiculous to make it all one episode. 

So, enjoy this first part of The Dawg Gone Podcast, and we'll see you guys next week.

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