The Dawg Gone Podcast

Welcome, kids! In this episode of the Dawg Gone Podcast, we speak about recruiting things, adios King, and dying dreams. For those playing at home, that's Macondawg, T. Kyle King (in his last show), and yes, Erin Murphy.

Kyle, Macondawg, and myself take the time to wax Dawg Poetic about National Signing Day, how it's a good thing to have Todd Gratham be a wanted man, and there should be T-shirts printed with the saying "I signed with Ole Miss and all I got was this lousy stack of cash."

Seriously, it's a pretty dang good show, particularly by having Macondawg on, who just knows recruiting like the back of his hand. Plus, you get the added benefit of hearing Erin Murphy's voice for the FIRST TIME EVER.

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