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No, really. As much as we'd like to pretend that there's a game on January 1 (and we do care about that game, make no mistake), there are just more pressing things that have gotten our attention as of late.

I know that the common thought is as the UGA fan base goes, so goes the team. If the fan base isn't thinking about Nebraska, then the team probably isn't either. However, this show will prove to you that no matter what we're focused on, this team is all about winning.

Sure, we talk some about the bowl game against Nebraska, but we also wax Dawg Poetic about Rodney Garner leaving, who should replace him, and why can't we just throw money at UGA's problems? Seriously. Also, when I say "we," that includes The Mayor and Chuck, aka Chuckdawg. Yes, it's a two-for-one on this episode, and you deserve it, because you've been good this year, even if it is the day after Christmas.

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Yep, it still hurts. It hurts bad. It hurts in ways that I can't describe. Thankfully, I have Kyle on the show this week and he tries to help describe it as we wax Dawg Poetic about this game, our showdown with Nebraska, and why it's time to walk away from the base of the mountain so we can truly appreciate how large the climb was. 

This isn't an apology show. It isn't an "awww shucks" show. It's an honest take on what happened last Saturday, but if you've come here looking for a "Mike Bobo is terrible, we should've spiked it, Mark Richt has got to go" kind of deal, then I can point you to other podcasts that you might enjoy a little better.

Good thing we're playing in Orlando because maybe I'm just too much of a "Disney Dawg." 

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