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I know it may seem ridiculous, but it's worth legitimately asking whether or not this is real life. So, we asked the Roundtable to figure it out for us.

After getting trounced by South Carolina in October, the Dawgs find themselves in a very enviable position by controlling their own destiny towards the National Championship. When you couple that with the similarities of this 2012 team and the 1980 one, it's downright scary how it seems like we've done this all before.

Right now, UGA is playing its best football of the season and is one of the more dangerous teams in America. Much like the 2002 team, we're peaking at the right time, and that happens to be when we're heading to Atlanta. Is this team good enough to topple the Tide? Well, take a listen to this week's episode to find out. 

The Roundtable and I wax Dawg Poetic about how sweet it is to beat Tech by a wide margin (again), being the "1" in Florida's "11-1," what it takes to beat Alabama, and then Kyle blows all of our minds with some 1980/2012 comparisons. Unfortunately, no M*A*S*H references of which I'm aware.

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Yeah, you get the idea. This week's show tries its best to keep an eye on the prize, which really is winning the next game at hand, but we do venture into talking some about the BCS, how we ended up in this position, and then circling back around to the game this weekend against the most pathetic excuse for a football program that I've seen in a very, very long time.

Look, is it a secret that I hate Georgia Tech? No, it's not. I have proudly worn that badge since 1999, when I made my first trip up to Georgia Tech as a Redcoat. After one trip, and seeing what that "fan base" is all about, I vowed never to think a kind thought for them ever again.

Sure, not every person that roots for Georgia Tech is bad. However, I fully contend that with that fan base, the person is fine, but the people are stupid. If you put them in large numbers (or maybe prime numbers, who knows?), it's like they lose their mind about what it means to have any sort of class about yourself. They're a joke of a team, program, coaching staff, and fan base if I've ever seen one.

So this week, I have nothing of note to add, other than Tuck Fech, and that I honestly hope this is the last year we ever play them. No, seriously.

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There are games you win and there are games you lose. There are also games where you get embarrassed and games where you do the embarrassing. We were the latter of that second statement on Saturday.

This week, Kyle was feeling a little under the weather (he was REALLY bummed we didn't hang 50+ on them), and so we have the ever-capable MaconDawg waxing Dawg Poetic with me about various topics including how awesome Georgia looked against Auburn, how terrible Auburn looked against Georgia, and where Auburn and Tennessee may look for their next head coaches.

It's a great show, but the glory belongs to MaconDawg. He stepped in on a moment's notice and filled in beautifully in his first time joining me on the program in any format other than the roundtable. 

Let's stop wasting your time with all this reading and get you some links:

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You heard right, ladies and gentlemen. Your regularly scheduled Dawg Gone Podcast Presented by Gordo's Cheese Dip has been replaced with a trip back in time when disco was king and the porn mustache was more of a statement than an indictment.

This week Kyle and I wax Dawg Poetic about the Ole Miss drubbing, how much we'll miss Marlon Brown, the suck that is Auburn, and why Brian Van Gorder needs to retire his DVD of "Boogie Nights."

BONUS: This episode packs in 100% more M*A*S*H references than previous shows. 

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