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Sure, call us naturally pessimistic. I'll wear that badge with pride. When Larry Munson taught you every thing you know about the history of Georgia football, you kind of pick that up along the way. That's not to say Ole Miss isn't a good football team, because trust me, they are.

This week, Kyle and I wax Dawg Poetic about how it'll be a cold day in you-know-where before Kyle even attempts to have anything less than pure hatred for Florida, how awesome it is when Gordo's Cheese Dip sticks to your bones on a chilly day, and why Ole Miss has pure ice in their veins. There's also a plethora of ways that you use synonyms of "cold" in a paragraph. I'm sure Ole Miss' Head Coach Hugh Freeze appreciates our effort.

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If there's one thing we like to do, it's pander to the masses. Flattery will get you everywhere. Such is the case with the Dawg Sports Georgia-Florida Roundtable's return. You guys have asked for it many, many times, and so we delivered. 

There are some things that this show isn't. The first is well-produced. I couldn't take the bass-riddled intro on a week so big, so I found a clip of some Dawg fans saying "Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em" and I hope that's enough to avoid some type of issue with the legal folks. I just couldn't do an intro and cut music that didn't have some type of UGA feel to it. The intro music will be back next week, but I had to have some Red & Black flavor in there for this week. Yeah, the music is there at the end, but at least it's at the end. 

The second thing this show isn't is lacking information. We have nine of the best minds in Georgia Football on the air at the same time. What you're left with is a plethora of "man I hadn't thought of that" when dissecting this game. Is it all sunshine and roses? Absolutely not, but it's honest.

So, if you were clamoring for a whole bunch of great minds doing a whole lot of waxing Dawg Poetic about the biggest game of the year, then today's your day.

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No one's paying attention to it, but we actually have a game this weekend. Sure, we're all still shell-shocked from the events of two weeks ago, but at some point we (both as a team and a fan base) have to realize the sky never fell and in fact, after the events of this past weekend, the ceiling has been raised.

So that's what Chuck and I focus on this week. We wax Dawg Poetic about the Kentucky game (not too much) but essentially "get it out of our system" in regards to shaking off the loss, identifying what went wrong, and whether or not there really is a coach out there to replace Mark Richt (should that ridiculous idea come into fruition). 

The opinions are strong, the questions that came from you guys over Twitter were great, and we will probably say some things that make those in the fan base upset. However, it's a great conversation and one that I hope you guys truly enjoy.

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There are a lot of awesome things about blogging, podcasting, and tweeting. We all get to interact with you guys, have worthwhile (and sometimes ridiculous) discussions, and generally have a good time. Then, you get the crap beaten out of you by South Carolina, and the last thing you want to do is talk about it, much less dissect it.

However, that's what Kyle and I do. We fight the good fight of waxing Dawg Poetic so you don't have to. In this week's episode, we look at the nuclear fallout from the South Carolina game, and it's not pretty. In other news, we do discuss how tears really add that extra personal touch to your Gordo's Cheese Dip

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Hello again kids! The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 51 Presented by Gordo's Cheese Dip is ready, and there's no time for clever quips. This is the biggest game of the season for the Dawgs, and it's time to decide who's the good team, and who's the great one.

I wish I had something for you that was humorous, engaging, light-hearted, and uplifting. I really do wish that for you. However, with College Gameday rolling into town, it's to the point where "ish has gotten real" and there's really no sense in fighting the current. In fact, it's a rip tide. Just swim parallel to the shore until it finally lets you go.

This week, Kyle is back and he and I wax Dawg Poetic on everything from the defense against Tennessee to whether or not the Dawgs should be more scared of Marcus Lattimore or...Connor Shaw? Statistics also make a return, and you can almost hear the hope being sucked out of Kyle. He was told there would be no math. Click below to get all the details. 

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