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Hello again, kids. How do we follow up a record-setting Show 34? We just spend some time talking to Mr. College Football himself, Tony Barnhart.

Tony was nice enough to spend some time talking with us about his newest book, Always A Bulldog: Players, Coaches, and Fans Share Their Passion for Georgia Football. In the segment, we cover the book in great detail and we also wax a little Dawg Poetic about the largely ignored game this weekend in Atlanta. Now, I have to say that I come across as a total fan of the book, and I'm not going to lie, I really mean it. This is a FANTASTIC read for anyone who's fell in love with UGA, Athens, and what it means to be a Bulldog. You can order the book here, as well as buy it anywhere books are sold. Trust me, it's worth every penny.

After that, Chuck, aka "Good Luck Chuck", aka tankertoad, and I wax some great Dawg Poetic about the win over Georgia Tech, BCS chaos, and why winning this weekend is really as simple as scoring more points than LSU. In my opinion, it's one of the best conversations about football Chuck and I have had, and it really has that "front porch football talk" feel to it that I love having on the show. I think it's a great listen.

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Hello kids. This was a tough show to put together. Unfortunately, there just weren't enough hours in the day to put out a full tribute to Larry Munson like I'm wanting to do. Kyle and I do pay tribute, but it's not enough. Soon, a special episode will be coming that includes new Munson Mixes, our thoughts on Munson, and a special goodbye that I've had planned for a while.

But for now, we must focus on the task at hand, as Larry would want us to do, and beat the crap out of Georgia Tech on Saturday. This episode is your guidebook to doing that.

In the first segment, Radi Nabulsi with ESPN DawgNation joins us and we talk about this season, the Kentucky game, and the Georgia Tech game. In the second segment, I'm sure you guys have seen the classlessness over at Sting Talk (and I refuse to link them from here because they don't deserve the massive amounts of hits we get on a daily basis), and so I brought one of their own on the show to state his case. Spoiler Alert, you'll be madder than you were before, but I think it's important for them to openly say what in the heck they were thinking, and you'll get that and more.

In the final segment, Kyle and I wax Dawg Poetic over the passing of Larry (and Kyle has some beautiful words regarding that), the Kentucky game, some X's and O's in beating Georgia Tech, and why we as a Dawg Nation should take the gloves off for this game.

I hope you enjoy it and although it's long, I really hope you find some insight in it. You want to know why I consider Georgia Tech the worst of the worst? It's in this episode.

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Hello again kids. It's true. The Dawg Gone Podcast staff, meaning myself, really doesn't like Auburn, its band, or its fans. Let's just get used to the idea that they are indeed the Georgia Tech of the SEC, and that's not a compliment in any shape, form, or fashion.

What's on tap for this week? Well, since I only bring the best for you, darlings, the show has two segments this week. In the first segment, UGA Legend Robert Edwards joins us to wax Dawg Poetic about what he's up to now, who his most hated rival was while he was at UGA, his upcoming book, and how you can help him help kids. Helping kids, you ask? Yes, Mr. Edwards runs the Star Training Academy and they're looking for a few good sponsors. You can find them at and you can email them at if you'd like to help.

In the second segment. Chuck, aka tankertoad, and I wax Dawg Poetic (I just really love saying that) about the big win this weekend, how Mike Bobo has won our hearts, and why does Auburn's band always play over the Redcoats?

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Hello again kids. I know it's shortly before 11:00 AM when this gets posted, but since I stayed up until 2:00 AM mixing it down to have it ready today, please forgive me if there's not an overwhelmingly hilarious intro before the links. It turns out I'm not very funny when I feel like an extra on The Walking Dead.

Anyway, this week Kyle and I wax Dawg Poetic about why we hate Auburn (and it turns out that we really do hate them a lot), why you should never believe anything after hearing the words "Hi, I'm Kirk Herbstreit.", and why does it seem like Kit isn't talking that much in this episode?

Well, the reason for the last one is simple. I had some audio issues that popped up in the segment with Kyle and they pretty much kept me working tirelessly trying to get this thing posted in time. You'll hear some echo towards the middle of the segment, but it's only on my end. You'll probably also hear me clicking my mouse some, but I muted the part where I threw my computer against the wall. I'm only half kidding.

So, I apologize for any audio issues, but don't let that take away from anything Kyle said. He was killing it this week and when the man says he hates Auburn, trust me, he means it. 

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Hello again, kids. Are you confused by the title of the podcast for this week? Is that any different than any other time I post the title of the podcast? Much like the previous episodes, once you listen, it'll all make sense.

This week's podcast has Kyle and I waxing Dawg Poetic about the win against the Gators, our flat giddiness watching the Dawgs' defense, and why Mike Bobo is and isn't the devil at the same time. We really did try to keep the conversation short, but when examining each aspect of this year's team, no conversation is ever cut and dry.

Finally, before I give you the links to this week's offering, I want to thank you guys for the rave reviews we got about last week's show, aka the Dawg Sports Roundtable. Not only did it set the new record for the most downloaded episode, but you guys went out of your way to tell me how much you loved it, which means a lot. No seriously, it means a bunch so you can stop doing that "hand wanking" motion as you read this. This is why we can't have nice things.

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