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Hello again kids! 


Kyle and I sat down this week and had a great conversation about new Offensive Line Coach Will Friend, the departure of Warren Belin, our stellar 2011 Recruiting Class, and the daunting second half of the Men's Basketball schedule, beginning with Xavier on Tuesday.


From here on out, I think we'll be off until just before the SEC Championship Tourney, so you guys take care of yourselves out there.



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Until next time kids.


Be safe.


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Hello again, my minions. I mean, hey everybody!


Sorry this is late (again) but this time it was less my fault than the fault of my MacBook, who took the medical leave of absence by Steve Jobs to heart and decided to take it's own small break roughly coinciding with the end of my recording this episode the first time last week.


So, I waited until Ray Drew announced his college choice (UGA!) and then recorded the second version of this episode yesterday and today when I wasn't working. 


In episode 16, Kyle King with Dawg Sports and I discuss Searels' departure, Mark Fox's basketball team, and recruiting momentum. Plus, I added in some of my own thoughts at the beginning of the podcast to talk about who I think UGA signs tomorrow for Signing Day, and why our oversigning is not nearly as big of a deal as many might make it out to be.


Oh and a bonus new UGA Mix "All I Do Is Win" especially made for you guys to listen to during Signing Day festivities tomorrow.


Until next time kids.


Be safe.

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