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Hello again kids. You want to download this episode. You NEED to download this episode.


Why? Because it's information overload with a side of pure hatred. Kyle King with Dawg Sports and I sit and talk about every aspect of the Tech game from the X's and O's to the reasons why Tech sucks so badly. 


Then, you get a bonus, extra special rant by me as to what hating Georgia Tech is. Not why we do it, but what kind of hate it is, what it's fueled by, and all that jazz.


Lots of hate was poured into this one, and it's a long one, so sit down with an ice cold adult beverage, remember that Jasper was down, and try not to tackle the first person that walks in front of you.


Until next time kids.


Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).


P.S. -- Tuck Fech

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Hello again kids!

Let me be clear when I say this: We are discussing Auburn this week. Profanity was used. Great conversation was had. If your sensitive little ears can handle it (I'm looking at you, Auburn fans), this week's show is a must download.

Why you ask? Because Kyle King with Dawg Sports ( flat out goes off and I go right along with him. We pulled no punches and it turned out to be, in my opinion, the best conversation we've had on the show to date. I really do hope you guys listen and enjoy it because I think we had way too much fun recording it.

The Podcast will be back for Hate Week Part 2 next week. I'll still be posting on the blog ( throughout the week, especially in regards to the basketball team after they face Colorado on Tuesday night, but for now, I hope you enjoy this show.

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).

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Hello again, kids! We're back this week with a comprehensive look at UGA vs. Auburn and, of course, the Cam Newton saga. I mentioned in the podcast that there's a great article by PWD that you need to read regarding why the FBI is involved and if you want to check it out, go to The Georgia Sports Blog ( 

Other than that, there's not much else to say, other than I hope we're the ones to ruin Auburn's National Title hopes.

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).

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