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Hello again kids. Let's be honest here, this week's show is a lot less about Colorado and a lot more about the team that's beating UGA the worst...themselves. Kyle King of Dawg Sports ( and I rehash the Miss St. game and then I go on about a 10 minute rant about what I'd love to see this Saturday against the Buffalos. Don't worry though, there's no "fire anyone" talk. Aside from my slip up over Twitter last Saturday, I'm doing my best to reserve any judgement until the end of the season.

Most importantly, let's just win on Saturday.

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).

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Hello kids! This week, Kyle ( and I tackle the conundrum that is the UGA offense, we reflect on the Arkansas game, and preview the Mississippi State game.

I also include a new UGA mix at the end of the show in an effort to shake some of the bad JuJu around the program.

Until next time kids.

Be safe. (and Go Dawgs!)

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Hello again kids! This week Kyle King with Dawg Sports ( stops by again and we talk about the debacle that was UGA vs. USC. We also preview the Arkansas game and then I go solo for the second segment and talk about my keys to winning against the Hogs this weekend.

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Hello kids! We're back with Show #2 and this week we speak with Josh Kendall of The State and We also speak with Kyle King of Dawg Sports again, and recap last week's game along with previewing the matchup with the Gamecocks. Go Dawgs!

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Well it's finally here! Show #1 is up and live and ready to be streamed or downloaded. This episode has two segments - one with Kyle King of DawgSports fame and the other with me just giving a general preview of this weekend's game against Louisiana-LaFayette and some other games over the course of the first weekend. 

Hope you enjoy!


-- Kit

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